For internal concrete floors, waterbased epoxy provides a durable, protective solid colour coating. Dulux Avista’s waterbased epoxy system is low-odour, quick-drying and provides a hard-wearing low-sheen finish which can be tinted to a range of practical colours. It is an easy to use two-part system where Part A and Part B are mixed in equal quantities.


In Store Tint Range

These colours form the Dulux Avista Waterbased Tint range which can be arranged as a pre tinted drum.

The Waterbased Epoxy Part A must be tinted full strength to 4L to achieve the desired colour.


Waterbased Colour Tint 400ml Range *

The Dulux Avista Waterbased Colour Tint 400ml range (shown below mixed with Dulux Avista Waterbased Epoxy), can be supplied to mix when necessary.

* Dulux Avista Waterbased Colour Tints 400ml change colour once mixed with the Waterbased Epoxy due to its white base. The colour names are not representative of the final colour once mixed, but represent the colour of the undiluted tint. See images below for reference and samples in store.


Dulux Colour Tints

The Dulux Avista Waterbased Epoxy Part A can additionally be tinted to any Dulux colour with a white base, however, due to the white base the colour will be a few shades lighter than it appears on a Dulux colour card or Dulux colour chip/sample.


Colours displayed should be used as a guide only for your colour selection. Variations in colour and shading may occur depending on the job conditions, chosen texture and finishing practices employed by your concrete contractor.